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We are blessed and blessed because we love. True love isn’t mere emotion or attraction; it is a fruit of the Spirit, produced by God, with tangible results.

True love isn’t mere emotion or attraction; it is a fruit of the Spirit, produced by God. Feelings come and go; not so with love for God. We’ve all known people who sample church, find it not to their liking, and move on to the next thing. John says “they left us; because they weren’t of us” (I John 2:19). And they never truly find meaning or purpose in life, apart from living for things that will pass away…and at the end of life, they’re empty. Thomas Merton observed: “All sorrow, hardship, difficulty, struggle, pain, unhappiness, and ultimately death itself can be traced to rebellion against God’s love for us.” True love for God surrenders to Him and wants what He wants for us.

If you put your spouse first, your marriage will last your lifetime. If you want your marriage to last your lifetime, give it the attention and effort it deserves… When your kids leave, your spouse is the one who’s left. If you’ve made them your last priority (and think it’s funny).

3 Keys to a Strong Relationship (TCV)

All strong relationships have three things in common: TRUST, COMMITMENT, AND VULNERABILITY.

Trust allows a couple to know that their partner is there for them, truly cares about them, is coming from a good place, and supports them.”

It means keeping your word and putting your relationship first, especially when you’re confronting a decision that might compromise it.

A minor example of following through is calling your spouse to tell them you’re safe if they worry when you’re running late, she said. And it means “demonstrating good character.”

Commitment means “We’re in this together no matter what.” As a couple, you work on finding a solution, not walking away. Building a commitment also happens on your end. I will suggest engaging in activities that connect you to your commitment every day.

For instance, have a playlist in the car that reminds you of your partner and schedule regular date nights. If you’re married, have a playlist that reminds you of your wedding, frame your vows to remind you of your promises, discuss your growth as a couple on anniversaries, watch your wedding video and look through your photos.

Vulnerability is all about taking the risk to be your real, genuine self [with your partner].” For instance, being vulnerable includes sharing your feelings, not your thoughts. Instead of saying “I feel like you did this on purpose” or “It seems you don’t love me anymore,” you explain, “I feel hurt, disappointed, worried or scared.”

What Doesn’t Work on their own in a relationship

People think that strong relationships require communication training, of cause, communication is important. While communication is important, it’s not much help if your trust is shattered. Communication naturally improves intimacy in relationship after couples start reconnecting and stop defending themselves. It’s also important to be able to pay attention and acknowledge the effect your fears and insecurities have on your relationship, she said.

Nurturing Your Bond Daily

Relationships require “small amounts of effort every day to nurture the bond between the two of you, there are varieties of ways to strengthen your bond, including; sending sweet text messages; walking together, listening often; if married, touching often; kissing daily, asking your partner about their big meeting, their happiness, goals and dreams; making love; making eye contact; sharing your feelings and putting your partner first.

“Remember that relationship satisfaction will continually ebb and flow, but if you practice coming back to your ‘why’ — why am I in this relationship, why does this relationship matter to me — you’ll easily get back on track.”

We are blessed and bless because we love. True love isn’t mere emotion or attraction; it is a fruit of the Spirit, produced by God, with tangible results.

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